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The Continuous Hunt for Value - The Unfortunate Reality for Many Scrum Teams

December 7, 2022

Many teams moving to Agile have found it a great foundation to increase productivity and ensure continuous improvement. However, while the productivity gains have felt great for teams, are we seeing better customer outcomes and company performance from adopting agile? Very often in Agile teams, we see that: 

  1. Focus is Work - Sprint/Product backlogs include tasks, and status is measured through task completion
  2. Customers are not connected to teams - most team members don’t talk to the customer, and customers aren’t present at Sprint Reviews.
  3. Efficiency is more important than outcomes - the primary aim of Sprint Planning is to fill up team capacity for the two weeks.
  4. Outcomes are not measured - there is no clear, measurable definition of success beyond the velocity of work completed - producing things faster is the aim, rather than aiming for defined outcomes. 

In this ScrumPulse Webcast moderated by Dave West, CEO of, Tomasz Maj, Expert at McKinsey, and Rishi Markenday, Professional Scrum Trainer, discuss their research and initial findings as presented in the new paper titled - In pursuit of value, not work.” They will describe how companies typically have four key missed opportunities to focus on value and what organizations, teams, and individuals can do to incrementally add value by capturing those missed opportunities.


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