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Dave West - The Misunderstood Product Owner | Scrumday.Barcelona 2021

December 9, 2021

As we venture into the post-industrial age the delivery of ‘stuff’ becomes easier, but the delivery of value becomes harder. The Product Owner is a set of accountabilities defined in the Scrum Guide that provide the bare minimum things that someone needs to do to enable Scrum to work and value to be delivered. To manage the tension about work vs value. Of course, those accountabilities do not describe everything a person does, and many organizations use this as a foundation to create a Product Owner role or add those accountabilities to existing jobs such as Product Manager, or Business Manager. And that is where the confusion begins. The blending of the role and its position inside existing industrial-based organization structures. But what and who is the Product Owner? And why are their accountabilities so important for delivering value in an agile way? In this talk from Scrumday Barcelona 2021, Dave West, CEO of and recovering Product Owner talks about what makes the Product Owner often the most misunderstood person in Scrum.

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