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Deliver on Cadence, Release on Demand

June 7, 2018

Most software organizations would like to achieve Continuous Delivery. This becomes mandatory for any kind of scaled development effort. For teams that aren’t there yet, the limitations are not just technical. Sure, build, test, and deployment must be automated, but all involved must work as team. The degree of collaboration is visible in the way the team plans and executes their work. As Continuous Integration becomes the norm, branching, merging, and other integration delays will cease to exist. As Continuous Delivery becomes the norm, manual testing will cease to exist, being replaced by automated acceptance testing and feature toggles. Eventually, breaking the build, failing tests, failing deployments, and failing software will become learning opportunities, as blame ceases to exist. Your now high-performance team will be able to develop “done” working software on cadence, releasing on demand.

In this video Richard Hundhausen, Professional Scrum Trainer talks about software delivery as a team, living the Scrum values, and using Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) to plan and execute the work.


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