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Dispelling the Myth that Scrum Teams Don't Think About Architecture

April 5, 2017

In this ScrumPulse Webcast, Professional Scrum Trainers Peter Gotz, Gary Pedretti, Fredrik Wendt and Rich Visotcky discuss how they address concerns about architecture when delivering software using Scrum.

Many groups developing software products wonder how Scrum Teams build products that don’t devolve into an architectural mess. How do we prevent the re-work that comes from teams hacking bits together all the time? How do I keep multiple teams from building the same thing in different areas that I now have to maintain? How do teams keep their architecture structurally sound when the systems are continuously evolving? How do we plan for scaling and the cloud if we don’t design our architecture up front? 

Our panel of Professional Scrum Trainers discussed their real world experience and advice for building an architecture that evolves over time with purpose in its design and value creation at its core. They’ll share patterns and tips for making your current architecture transparent with minimal investment so that Development Teams can keep the quality of their work high and stay focused on delivering valuable products to consumers.

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