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Don’t Just go Through the Motions, Practice Professional Scrum

June 21, 2022

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Scrum was originally developed for complex software development projects, but is now being used on almost any type of team-based product work. The framework as defined in the Scrum Guide is a simple yet powerful way to bring order to complexity through learning by providing frequent opportunities for frequent feedback on both how we work and the thing we have and will be working on.

While many people are practicing Scrum, practicing it effectively requires something more than just following the mechanics and fundamentals of the framework. Professional Scrum helps teams get out of that mechanical, going through the motions habit when it comes to Scrum. In this Scrum Pulse webinar, Eric Naiburg, COO, walks the audience through how Professional Scrum is different and how it requires the Scrum Values, mindset techniques for ways of working and thinking, focusing on outcomes and an environment that supports Professional Scrum including trust.

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