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Embracing Intuitive Ambition as a Modern Knowledge Worker

August 31, 2022

In this episode you hear from Queirra Fenderson, the keynote speaker for the WiA 2022 event in Nashville, TN as part of the Agile2022 conference. In her discussion with our host, Leslie Morse, she explores her wisdom in ambition and intuition. 

Queirra shares her story of discovering her hidden inner-agilist, how she came to study the interplay of ambition and intuition and offers multiple tips and tricks for honing your “intuitive ambition.” While listening you’ll learn about blind ambition as well as different ways to get in touch with your intuitive hits.  We also believe you’ll discover this is more than a “woo woo” conversation. Leslie and Queirra explore real-life challenges around privilege, bias, and the complexity of being a modern-day knowledge worker. Throughout the episode you’ll also hear a throughline that brings forward Agile values and principles. We hope you enjoy listening. 

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