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Engaging Stakeholders and Management with Evidence-Based Management (EBM)

March 28, 2023
Tuesday March 28, 2023 11:00 AM EDT (15:00 UTC)

As a Product Owner, Scrum Master or manager, you constantly wonder and get asked, “How’s the team doing? What are you doing to help the team? What have you achieved? How are you making your decisions?” and you are often defending your position. Imagine if you could approach these conversations proactively.

Evidence-Based Management (EBM) provides three levels of goals that frame your pursuits, four key value areas to examine measurements and an evolving path to working toward those goals. Goals, Evidence, and Empiricism are at the heart of EBM and will give you what you need to better manage expectations.

In this webinar, Todd Miller, Professional Scrum Trainer and Patricia Kong, Product Owner - Enterprise Agility at will walk you through concepts you can use to develop your own dashboard that you can use to proactively engage upper management and stakeholders about the value of your product and the capability of your team(s).

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