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Facilitating Professional Scrum Teams

Improve Team Alignment, Effectiveness Facilitating Professional Scrum Teams
and Outcomes

Unlock the true power of collaboration within Scrum Teams and beyond with this practical guide packed with tips, tools, and real-life scenarios to elevate your facilitation skills.

Scrum requires healthy collaboration, not just between the members of the Scrum Team, but also between the Scrum Team and its stakeholders to gather feedback and input. Collaboration is the heart of thriving Scrum Teams, but most available resources on collaboration focus solely on meeting formats and neglect to show how Scrum Teams truly harmonize their efforts and make informed decisions effectively.

This book bridges the gap by not only providing effective facilitation techniques but also delving into the how and why of facilitation--all geared toward improving effectiveness, achieving impactful outcomes, and helping Scrum Teams work through challenges.

  • Obtain tools and insights for Scrum Teams to better facilitate team interactions to leverage group diversity.
  • Learn from real-world scenarios that illustrate common Scrum Team challenges and how they can be overcome with effective and timely facilitation.
  • Discover comprehensive facilitation approaches accompanied with effective guidance on when to use them, how they can be combined, and how they can help to achieve desired outcomes.

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