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Getting User Feedback with the Perfection Game

The perfection game is one method a ScrumTeam can use to gather customer and user feedback. It creates an environment of positive reinforcement that encourages people to be creative, reflect and give honest feedback. You can use the perfection game in different settings when testing your product with users, such as during one-on-one user interviews, focus groups, or in Sprint Reviews with a variety of stakeholders.

Here is one way to facilitate the Perfection Game to get feedback from one or many users.

Activity Guidelines

  1. Give the user the opportunity to interact with your product/ feature.
  2. When the user has finished Step 1, ask “On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate <the product/ feature>, with  1 being “It has no value” to 10 being “it is perfect, I cannot think of anything that would further improve it”. 
    (If there are many users, have them post their rankings individually on sticky notes and then share their rating.)
  3. After rating the product/ feature the user shares what they liked and found valuable about the product/ feature. The user should focus on these positive sentiments in the next step.
  4. Next, ask the user, “what would make the product/ feature perfect?” Before they answer, prompt them to respond to the question using the format: ”What would make it perfect for me is….”
  5. Ask the user to share what would make it perfect for them. Record the feedback.
  6. Thank the user(s)!


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This is a way to use the Perfection Game to get feedback on your product. The Perfection Game can also be used by a Scrum Team as a retrospective technique. Instead of rating a product or feature, the team can rate themselves as a team or the latest Sprint and track what would make the team/ Sprint perfect for them. 

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