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Goals, Measures, and other Mysteries - How Evidence-Based Management Helps Focus and Improve What Matters

April 8, 2021

Organizations seeking agility are hungry for measures that tell them if they are becoming more agile. While achieving agility is necessary in today’s complex world, agility on its own is not really the goal they want to achieve. The questions they really need to ask is “are we making progress toward our goals, and how do we know?” Primed with this information, they can ask deeper and more impactful questions such as “what experiments can we run to try to improve?” or “what do we need to learn to move ahead?”

In this discussion, Ralph Jocham, Don McGreal, and Patricia Kong discuss how to improve goals by adding specific measures to know when goals are achieved, how to seek toward goals using empiricism, and how to choose measures to help inform improvements. They will talk about Evidence-Based Management, a framework developed by to help organizations use empiricism to set goals and make progress toward those goals. 

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