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How Choosing Nexus Helped eimagine and their Client Provide Care to Over 100,000 Indiana Senior Citizens

September 22, 2021


eimagine, a full-service Indianapolis US-based information technology consulting company, used the Nexus framework to replace legacy systems for a large project for a state government agency that provides connects senior citizens with social services, health care, and their communities. By doing so, their number of help desk tickets decreased by 75%, therefore getting critical services to senior citizens faster.

Join Laura Hansen. VP of Talent Solutions and Scott Crane, President from eimagine as they discuss:

- How they came to their decision to use Nexus to replace this legacy system
-How eimagine introduced Nexus to their client
- The challenges the teams overcame by using Nexus
- How Nexus enabled them to help their client be successful in delivering these critical services

This session is moderated by Patricia Kong, Product Owner, Enterprise Agility and in the last 30 minutes, she moderates a Q and A session. with the audience. Read case study here.

Our Speakers

Scott Crane, President, eimagine

 Scott participated in an international camp when he was young that helped catapult his passion of people into a career. At the age of 11, he was invited to participate in CISV, a summer camp including children from all over the world with over 30 different cultures and geographies represented. He learned that diversity and difference in experience leads to a great time and an awesome outcome in the workplace.

 When Scott Crane joined eimagine in 2001 as Senior Software Developer, he quickly advanced to a vice president role. In 2014, he took on the role of president. He is involved in and oversees the operations which includes the federal government, finance, marketing, people operations, project management office, resource management office, sales, and technical services teams.

 Scott’s process, analytical, team-building and client service skills have been refined throughout his 20-year career. Scott holds a B.S. in computer science from Purdue University. He resides in Fishers, Indiana with his wife and two children who both attend Indiana University.


Laura Hansen, VP of Talent Solutions, eimagine

Laura has 15 years of experience managing programs and projects, growing teams and delivering value to clients. In her current role as Vice President at eimagine, Laura and her team have led the implementation of numerous state and local software systems and applications.

Laura is a lifelong learner with a passion for socializing concepts centered around software delivery, agile and leadership. She has spoken at a variety of conferences and monthly user groups to share her experience as a leader of technology initiatives. Laura holds a variety of professional certifications including PSM II, PAL I, and SPS certifications through as well as CSM and CSP through Scrum Alliance.

As a member of the leadership team at eimagine, Laura drives process improvements and value add activities centered around best in class problem solving, fanatical engagement and a one team mentality. She is focused on the successful delivery of software implementation and process improvement projects for the state of Indiana as well as commercial clients.

Laura holds a B.S. in Organizational Leadership and a M.S. in Technology from Purdue University. She resides in Zionsville, Indiana with her husband and two dogs.

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