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How to engage stakeholders to create better products through co-design

March 6, 2024
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Co-design is when various people work together to design and develop a product or process. The goal is to co-create a solution that better meets the needs of users, even when there is often no obvious "right" solution. For a better chance at success in meeting those needs, people and teams in organizations should collaborate, not just with each other, but with the actual people who are impacted by their product or service. In fact, co-design requires actively involving and designing solutions with users.

In this Scrum Pulse Webinar, David Spinks, Glaudia Califano and Patricia Kong, co-authors of "Facilitating Professional Scrum Teams, Improve Team Alignment, Effectiveness and Outcomes" will explain how to facilitate and co-design a participatory approach to designing solutions, where all voices equally collaborate during the design process. They will also share their experiences and challenges that you may encounter and example techniques for how you can overcome them.

David Spinks, PST and Glaudia Califano of Red Tangerine are accredited Kanban Trainers. Patricia Kong is Product Owner of Enterprise Solutions and Learning Enablement at

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