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How the Nexus framework aided Capital One to scale Scrum to deliver a complex product with multiple Development Teams

October 31, 2017

Capital One was recently faced with the challenge of building a brand new product in 3 months. Not only did they meet this goal, but they were able to deliver their first release 3 weeks early. How did they do it? How were they able to build an entirely new product in such a short time frame? What hurdles did they face? How were they able to overcome them? 

In this session, Valar Rangasamy, Scrum Master at Capital One shares how her group was able to successfully approach this challenge by implementing the Nexus Framework to scale it across 4 Scrum Teams. Valar is joined by Patricia Kong, Product Owner of Enterprise Solutions at Together, they will explore how Capital One used Nexus with multiple teams, to build their release forecast, manage risk and execute a complex and accelerated product delivery initiative within the desired 3 month time frame.

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