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How Peter Senge's "5 Disciplines of Learning Organizations" Can Help Your Organization be Nimble

June 28, 2018

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Large organizations have deeply rooted cultures that can cause them to struggle to adapt to changing markets, rapidly evolving customers, and nimble, aggressive competitors. They have usually had success with "Scrum in the small", and they want to scale Scrum rapidly to respond to these opportunities and threats. When they do, they often find that scaling Scrum reveals deep, systemic challenges that are actually made worse when their Scrum teams simply enact empty Scrum rituals, without really embracing essential change of their culture and values. 

How can these organizations overcome the cultural inertia created by decades of ingrained behavior? What disciplines must they master, and what role can the Nexus Integration Team play in helping them become a true Learning Organization? In this session, we explore how to integrate Peter Senge's 5 Disciplines of Learning Organizations with the Nexus Framework to help organizations to scale their business agility with Scrum. Along the way, we find out what Michelangelo had to say many centuries ago that can guide and inspire them in their journey. 

This panel discussion consists of Professional Scrum Trainers Nagesh Sharma and Stacy Martin, along with Kurt Bittner, VP of Enterprise Solutions at The panel was moderated by Patricia Kong, Product Owner, Enterprise Solutions,

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