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How to Respond When There is Resistance to Agile Ways of Working

August 23, 2023
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You have probably heard the conventional wisdom that human beings are hard-wired to resist change. And so, whenever someone introduces a change to our life, our default auto-response is to resist, because we project all our worst fears onto the change, before we even consider the merits of the change.

Scrum Masters, Scrum Coaches and Scrum Evangelists probably know this resistance better than most. They find themselves getting stuck in a fight, flight or freeze response in the face of resistance.

In this Scrum Pulse webcast, PSTs Ravi Verma and Tony Lee share a simple, 9 step approach that they have started using to integrate the Co-Active coaching model into navigating resistance to Agile principles, values and practices. Ravi and Tony share how they started using this approach while guiding organizations through their Agile adoption, and achieving dramatically better results. You will also learn about some resources they can use to continue learning.

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