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How To Scale Scrum with Nexus™, Confluence & Jira - A Step By Step Approach

October 21, 2021

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The complexities of product delivery require coordination using both a framework and tools that work together, allowing you to effectively integrate multiple teams who are working on the same product.

The Nexus framework for scaling Scrum can help minimize cross-team dependency while continuing to adhere to the principles of Scrum, and the Atlassian tools can help teams organize your projects and collaborate with ease - provide one source of the truth.

SmoothApps, Fringe Technology and collaborated on a site that shows steps to take to unify your team to one Nexus, and walks you through step-by-step how you can easily configure your own Atlassian Jira and Confluence products to enable your Nexus! Please review the Scaling Scrum with Nexus and Atlassian site prior to the webinar:

This webinar, moderated by PST Ravi Verma of SmoothApps along with Shari Barchus and Robert Adler of Fringe Technology, will address answers to the following questions:

1) Key organizational decisions related to scaling Scrum with Nexus
2) Using Confluence For Nexus
3) Using Jira for Nexus
4) Using Advanced Roadmaps for Jira with Nexus
5) Resources / What Next For Scaling Scrum with Nexus and Atlassian

Our Speakers


Ravi is the founder and Org Whisperer at SmoothApps and a Professional Scrum Trainer. He recently co-founded his second startup - Al Dente, a platform that helps Agile Coach’s and organizations empirically manage and improve business outcomes in tandem with Agile delivery frameworks like Scrum.

Ravi has 20+ years of Software Delivery and Consulting Experience with including Agile Enablement for companies ranging from 10 people to 10,000 people. Ravi is the creator of the Sabotagile Manifesto and Principles, co-creator of the Software Code of Ethics, and co-creator of the Scrum Pulse Webcast and Scrum Tapas video series.

Ravi is a certified trainer for Sharon Bowman’s “Training From The Back of the Room” courses and integrates brain-friendly learning into his training. He is a Certified ROI Professional from the ROI Institute and integrates ROI Based Learning techniques into his training, coaching and consulting. Ravi has completed 104 hours of rigorous training on coaching from the Co-Active institute and is currently enrolled in an intensive 6 month coaching program to become a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach.

As a grateful immigrant to the USA, Ravi felt a strong urge to give back to the country that adopted him and co-founded a non-profit – Agile For Patriots that provides free Agile training, certification, experience, mentoring and coaching to US Military Veterans and Spouses. Since its founding, Agile For Patriots has helped 42 candidates graduate from the program through 6 cohorts and has launched the 7th cohort in May 2021.



Shari is the Founder and CEO of Fringe Technology, an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner. Fringe helps teams work to their full potential using Atlassian software. She has worked in IT and software development since 1982 and has worked with companies of various industries and sizes from start-ups to Fortune 500. She has been working with the Atlassian tools since 2004 and because of her passion for the tools, she started her company in 2010 to help others realize the value of these products.



Robert is an Agile Coach and Senior Atlassian Tools Consultant for Fringe Technology, where he has spent the last five years helping clients transform their systems and increase efficiencies. He has guided dozens of organizations across a multitude of industries, including music, media, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, marketing, manufacturing, and consumer goods.

Prior to joining Fringe, Robert spent 10+ years working for a Fortune 500 company, serving as an engineer, product owner, and, ultimately, Agile Transformation Coach. He transformed the work processes for multiple teams located across the globe by coaching delivery teams on Agile Methodologies.
Robert’s effectiveness is largely owed to his ability to connect the dots between all members of an organization; from the C-suite to all the groups and individuals responsible for keeping a business thriving. His deep understanding of portfolio management and reporting/forecasting make him a tremendous asset to any part of the company he is called in to assist.

When Robert isn’t working on improving efficiencies, he is outside observing and interacting with his fledgling food forest. Way back in the day, he used to want to be a rockstar, but ended up helping others to become Agile rockstars.

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