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The Illusion of Alignment - How Scrum Teams can make Decisions Stick

October 11, 2022

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One of the things that makes Scrum a powerful tool for solving complex problems is how it guides a Scrum Team and its stakeholders to leverage their collective experiences and diverse perspectives. However, this potential for problem solving brings its own challenges which includes how decisions are made as a group in a way that is satisfactory to everyone involved. A collective decision may appear to have been made, but some participants may feel frustrated or confused, they may feel like their contributions were not understood or they were not given enough of an opportunity to share their thoughts for example.

In this webinar, Patricia Kong and PST David Spinks discuss the group dynamics involved in decision making and how facilitation skills can help a Scrum Team navigate through periods of frustration, confusion or disengagement to reach true alignment on their collective decisions.

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