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Interview Your Customers and Users

One to one interviews are an easy way to gather insights. They can help the Scrum Team find out what their customers think about their product and what is important to them versus what is not. 

While conducting a one to one interview sounds straightforward, it requires discipline and practice in order to gather valuable information. 

Tips for Conducting Customer and User Interviews 

  • Do not treat the interview as a sales pitch - you want to get insights and honest feedback to improve your product, not sell it
  • Craft a concise and concrete interview goal. What do you want to learn when talking to your customers and users? 
  • Create an environment in which the interviewee feels free to be open and honest - show empathy
  • Avoid leading, closed and ambiguous questions 
  • Remember that customers and users often don’t actually do what they say they do
  • Focus the discussion on the customers and users and their challenges and desired outcomes

Interviewing and talking to your customers and users is also good for relationship building with them.

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