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Introduction to Evidence-Based Management - How do you measure and improve your ability to deliver value?

June 12, 2019

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Agile organizations know that frequent inspection of results limits risk and improves the ability to deliver value. Their leaders manage investments based on ROI and value. At the same time, they work to influence the organization to create an adaptive culture that allows it to take advantage of opportunities before their competitors do. 

Evidence-Based Management (EBM) is a framework organizations can use to help them measure, manage, and increase the value they derive from their product delivery. EBM helps organizations put their right measures in place to invest in the right places, make smarter decisions and reduce risk using an iterative and incremental approach. Using empiricism helps organizations to embrace agile principles and values, helping them seek a better way forward by delivering value, inspecting the results, and adapting their approach to improve. 

In this Scrum Pulse webinar, Kurt Bittner and Patricia Kong from introduce the Evidence-Based Management framework and address the following questions: 

-What are organizations trying to achieve with agility? 
-What are organizations trying to achieve with measurement? 
-Why do traditional measures fail to achieve this? 
-How can EBM help you continuously improve? 

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