An Introduction to the Professional Scrum Product Owner Course

October 18, 2017

Course Stewards

Each course is assigned 2 stewards.  The steward is ultimately responsible for collecting input on the course materials, both those that exist and potentially additions to be made, review that input with the community along with Ken Schwaber and provide updates as required. 

Each course is stored in GitHub, allowing version control, feedback mechanisms, distribution and much more, not unlike the code that Scrum Teams deliver for their products.  Through GitHub capabilities, a PST can submit feedback on a course materials, its delivery content, speaker notes, exercises and much more.  With over 190 PSTs around the world teaching the materials, that provides a fantastic number of people to provide excellent feedback to improve the content and quality of the courseware.   

This short video provides an overview of the Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO).  Course stewards and Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) Don McGreal and Ralph Jocham give you insight into the structure of the class and what you will learn.