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Introduction to Scrum

June 29, 2017

Although Scrum has been around for more than 21 years, and is practiced by more than an estimated 18 million people around the world, we are always learning.

Over the years, many myths about Scrum have surfaced; some of which may lead your team astray.

In this 1-hour interactive webinar, we cover the following:

  • Common myths and misconceptions about Scrum
  • The Scrum framework according to the Scrum Guide
  • How to implement Scrum concepts using Axosoft

You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of how to achieve your Scrum Team’s objectives using tools and trusted resources.

Presented By:


  • Jonathan Silva - Director of Customer Success | Axosoft
    Jonathan has a background in technical support, account management, content creation and training. 
  • Eric Naiburg - VP of Marketing |
    Eric is responsible for all aspects of marketing at He previously held similar roles for INetU (now ViaWest) and IBM. He is co-author of UML for Database Design and UML for Mere Mortals.

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