An Introductory Video Series to Scrum

March 9, 2022

In this 18 part series of short Scrum Tapas videos, Professional Scrum Trainer Ryan Brook walks viewers through the Scrum Framework piece-by-piece, explaining each area and providing insights into how Scrum is used.  

Part 1: An Introduction to the Series


Part 2: Scrum Overview


Part 3: Complexity


Part 4: Predictability


Part 5: Agile vs Scrum


Part 6: Empiricism


Part 7: Scrum Values


Part 8: Accountabilities


Part 9: The Scrum Framework 


Part 10: Product Backlog and Product Goal 


Part 11: Sprint Backlog and Sprint Goal


Part 12: Increment and Definition of Done


Part 13: The Sprint


Part 14: Sprint Planning

Part 15: Daily Scrum


Part 16: Sprint Review


Part 17: Sprint Retrospective


Part 18: Self-Management