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Mastering Agility - Scaling with Nexus

December 22, 2021
Implementing Scrum is hard. It’s easy to understand, yet hard to implement. It’s a fundamental shift in the way products are being built. And that’s just a single team. Now imagine when multiple teams are going to work together. That provides a new array of challenges to work with.

In this episode of the Mastering Agility podcast, Patricia Kong and Jesse Houwing join Sander Dur to discuss’s scaling model called Nexus. Where do we start? And what things do we needs to consider if we even need to scale at all? Find out right here!

 What you’ll discover in this show:

–        Doing Scrum right is the first thing that you want to do
–        Alignment is key for a smooth flow
–        Throwing any scaling framework across an entire department at once has big potential threats that could lead to a diminished delivery of value

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