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McKinsey & Company and Release Joint Research Study on Agile Teams

January 22, 2019

How to Select and Develop Individuals for Successful Agile Teams: A Practical Guide

Boston – January 22, 2019– Today, McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, and, the mission-based organization dedicated to improving the profession of software delivery through training, certification assessments and community, released a new research study titled, How to Select and Develop Individuals for Successful Agile Teams: A Practical Guide. This study explores the values and traits that make agile teams successful, helping to guide companies with concepts and ways to better recruit and coach their teams.

“We participated in this study with McKinsey & Company to better understand how organizations can improve their efforts to become more agile,” said Dave West, CEO & Product Owner, “Agile organizations need to understand how to get, retain and enable the best talent, and this study provides guidance on how they can do so.”

The study looks at the personality traits and work values in two crucial roles for agile teams: The Product Owner and the Team Member, and subsequently covers effective methods of further developing a team’s agility. The findings suggest that the ability to handle ambiguity and agreeableness are most important among personality traits, whereas pride in product outcomes and self-direction are most important among work values. Additionally, the study suggests the importance of customer-centricity as a way to inspire agile teams. It also provides practical questions to support the interview process and good practices for developing agile teams.

“Prior to this study, and McKinsey predicted that the characteristics of types of people that lead to success in an agile team would differ from those in traditional work settings, and wanted to understand how information about how people become successful can help,” said Wouter Aghina, a partner in the McKinsey & Company Amsterdam office. “Understanding how to select and hire for this dynamic, agile future is critical to the team and organization.”

The results and details of the study will be discussed in further detail in a webinar with Dave West, and Wouter Aghina, McKinsey & Company, on February 26, 2019 at 12:00 PM EST. The details to register are here. The report based on the study can be accessed here.

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