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Moving to an Agile Product Operating Model - Evidence Based Approach to Delivering Products in the Digital Age

July 9, 2024

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Agile is a response to the problem that digital opportunities cannot be easily realized with traditional, industrial project management and delivery approaches, because delivering digital value requires a different approach. As digital becomes a fundamental part of most business opportunities, agile approaches must better align with the whole organization, not just the software teams. That requires a change. Over the last ten years, organizations have wrestled with what that change embodies. Should it focus on structure, process, strategy, people, or rewards? And the answer is yes. But even when considered holistically, something is missing: “The what”.

In this Scrum Pulse webcast, Dave West, CEO of, will introduce the Agile Product Operating Model and how it can help organizations reduce uncertainty, minimize risk, and increase the likelihood of delivering successful products centered around customer needs. Dave will review the impact of product operating models and how, when combined with a holistic, systemic approach to organizational change, it provides the true north to enterprise agility.

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