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The next thing in Scrum certifications comes to Israel!

October 31, 2017

Two consultants from AgileSparks have recently been awarded the highest accreditation by, founded by Ken Schwaber (Scrum inventor) - Professional Scrum Trainer.

Starting this month, AgilSparks will begin to transfer official certification courses from Professional Scrum Master and Professional Scrum Product Owner to Israel and around the world. Erez Thatcher , CEO of AgileSparks, said: "I am pleased that we have been able to bring to Israel the highest quality certifications in the Scrum market."

"The aim of the accreditation is to raise the level of knowledge about Scrum, and if the knowledge already exists, the exams can be taken and accepted without taking the course."

"The main advantage of's courses is the standard syllabus delivered around the world, and the quality study material each participant receives, which was developed by and supervised by Schwaber himself."

"The materials are regularly updated according to the Scrum Guide, and there is no need to renew the payment for accreditation - the certification is for life."

AgileSparks has been leading Agile Consulting and Training in Israel for a decade, and is partnering with people and computers in the major conferences on Agil and DevOps.