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The Only 2 Things Needed to Scale Agile

April 6, 2017

This presentation from by Professional Scrum Trainer Erwin Van Der Koogh from Agile India looks at scaling Agile. 

The magic behind the Agile manifesto is in the question they asked. The 17 people assembling in Snowbird spend their time figuring out how they were similar, not what way of working was best. And in the course of those two days, they discovered the deeper truths in what worked.

So what happens when we look what the different Agile Scaling frameworks have in common? A move away from projects towards product development and teams as the fundamental building blocks?

In this talk, he explores how these two shifts impact the way we scale Agile. Looking back on all the Agile Transformations I have done all of them have succeeded (or failed) when we have (not) focused on these two things.

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