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Press Release - Scrum Co-Creators Unveil New Version of the Scrum Guide

July 6, 2016

Community Input Contributed to Addition of Scrum Values to Official Scrum Body of Knowledge

Boston – July 6, 2016 –, the mission-based organization dedicated to improving the profession of software delivery through training, certification assessments and community, and Scrum Inc., the world’s premier Scrum training and consulting provider, today announced Scrum co-creators Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland’s updates to The Scrum Guide, a framework for developing and sustaining complex products.

In a webcast earlier today, the pair came together to unveil the new version to the industry.  The Scrum Guide now includes a section on Scrum Values, which are Courage, Focus, Commitment, Respect and Openness.

“When the values of Commitment, Courage, Focus, Openness and Respect are embodied and lived by the Scrum Team, the Scrum pillars of Transparency, Inspection and Adaptation come to life,” explained Schwaber. “We added these values to The Scrum Guide because successful use of Scrum depends on people becoming more proficient in living these five values.”

This is the first update to The Scrum Guide since July 2013. While refinements are made at their discretion, Schwaber and Sutherland encourage community feedback via The Scrum Guide User Voice website, where people can post ideas for changes and vote on them. The addition of Scrum Values to The Scrum Guide was the most popular request on the User Voice site.

“Ken and I regularly read and support the User Voice forum, taking into consideration each suggestion from the community,” said Sutherland. “This update to The Scrum Guide officially recognizes the significance these values have to any Scrum team.”

The recording of the webcast will be made available soon by both organizations. The Scrum Guide can be found at Offered for license under the Attribution Share-Alike license of Creative Commons, its copyright allows for reuse as long as it is credited back.


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