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The Product Owner Podcast

March 20, 2017

In this podcast the moderator had the pleasure to chat with Dave West, Product Owner & CEO for After discussing his road towards becoming a Product Owner (which includes a well known three letter acronym), we go in to the three most important things a Product Owner should master. Along the ride we gain insights into the vision for in the coming years. We touch on the interactions between Product Owner and his Stakeholders, among which all the Professional Scrum Trainers who sometimes are even more demanding than Ken and Jeff combined. We also discuss scaling situations and how this affects the PO role, make a small sidestep into using Scrum in non-software development since Scrum is used at too, and even discuss 'new' concepts like Scrum Studio and EBMT, which is a set of practices all Product Owners should pay attention to. We round off with a load of practices and tools Product owners can employ to gain insights in the problem we're trying to solve. Make sure to watch/listen to discover his favorite technique!

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