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Professional Scrum Trainer Spotlight - Becky Savill's Journey to Scrum Mastery

April 22, 2024

PST Ryan Ripley steps in as guest host in this Professional Scrum Trainer Spotlight episode featuring PST Becky Savill.

Becky Savill's journey to becoming a Scrum Master began nearly 10 years ago when, after six months of programming, her boss suggested she might be better suited to the role, despite her lack of prior knowledge about Scrum.

Her boss recognized her passion lay not in coding but in solving team problems and working effectively together, leading her to dive deep into Scrum Mastering.

A pivotal moment in Becky's career was during a Sprint retrospective, where a team member questioned the purpose of the meeting. The team's response, highlighting the positive changes and improvements made through Scrum, solidified her belief in Scrum's effectiveness.

Over the years, Becky's understanding of being a Scrum Master evolved from focusing on the mechanics of Scrum to understanding its deeper purpose and ensuring it becomes a sustainable practice within teams.

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