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Professional Scrum Trainer Spotlight - David Sabine's Journey to Scrum Mastery

May 13, 2024

In this PST Spotlight episode guest hosted by PST Ryan Ripley, PST David Sabine shares his first exposure to Scrum in 2007 during a two-day training seminar organized by his then-employer. This led him and his colleagues to experiment with Scrum in their workplace, with David volunteering to be the Scrum Master.

Application and Evolution of Scrum Mastery: David discusses applying Scrum principles both in an academic setting and later as a Product Owner in a Toronto startup. He reflects on the evolution of his understanding of the Scrum Master role, emphasizing its complexity and the importance of having positional authority and experience in technology and business domains.

Insights on the Scrum Master Role: The conversation delves into the changing perceptions of the Scrum Master role, with both agreeing it's not an entry-level position but one requiring experience and authority. They note a trend where the role has been misunderstood and diminished, advocating for a return to viewing it as a leadership position.

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