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Professional Scrum Trainer Spotlight - Richard Ross's Journey to Scrum Mastery | Expert Insights & Tips

June 4, 2024

In this episode, Ryan Ripley guest hosts and interviews PST Richard Ross about his journey to becoming a Scrum Master and PST.

Introduction to Scrum: Richard Ross encountered Scrum as a project manager when a developer suggested it. His formal introduction came when he was assigned as a Scrum Master two weeks after joining a new company, tasked with managing the biggest contract they had ever secured.

Initial Challenges: Initially, Richard felt lost in his role, struggling to create a self-managed team environment. Over time, he realized the benefits of Scrum and the importance of fostering team independence.

Evolution of Role: Richard's approach evolved from being overly hands-on, to focusing on enabling teams to self-manage. He now emphasizes organizational structure and aligning with the customer's perspective to achieve business agility.

Long-term Impact: The impact of a Scrum Master is often seen retrospectively. Richard notes that it takes time for the benefits of effective Scrum practices to be recognized, which can be challenging as immediate results are rare.

Advice and Recommendations: Aspiring Scrum Masters should maintain professionalism, persistence, and a constant desire to improve. Richard recommends continuous learning and suggests "Leading Teams" by Dr. Richard Hackman as a valuable resource for understanding team dynamics.

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