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Project to Product Podcast: An Interview with Dave West

In the seventh episode of Mik + One, the official Project to Product podcast, Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop is joined by guest is Dave West, CEO and Product Owner of

In this episode, Mik and Dave discuss:

  • The digital age and how traditional enterprises can transform to become software-driven businesses
  • The risk of falling into an industrial mindset trap, and what organizations can do differently to avoid failures
  • How digital-natives have achieved the innovation cycle and why leadership at traditional enterprises have not internalized what it means
  • The importance of placing small bets and MVPs, and applying continuous learning and feedback into the innovation cycle
  • The four key things that large organizations can act on now to deliver value:
    – Create alignment
    – Become people-centric
    – Fund correctly
    – Measure appropriately


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