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The PST Community Survey

The PST Community Survey is a quarterly feedback loop uses to inform planning.

From 2021 through early 2023, this survey was done twice each year, as the PST Community Health-Check. 

The next interation of the survey will open in early March. 

Check out prior results from the survey:

The results from the April 2021 - April 2023 are visualized on a Mural so you can track changes over time. 

PST Community Survey - Engagement Over Time
PST Community Survey - Value Rating Over Time

* The question used to measure value has evolved over time.

  • April 2021: Recommend joining the PST community to a friend or colleague?
  • October 2021: How satisfied are you as a PST?
  • April 2022 - April 2023: How valuable is the PST credential for you?
  • Q4 2023: How would you rate the current value you get from being a PST?

A few notes about the survey, beginning Q4 2023:

  • The survey will now be administered quarterly, in advance of ScrumComm so that results can be explored during each ScrumComm event.
  • Instead of using Survey Monkey, the survey will be directly embedded into an email. This eliminates the anonymity within the survey.
    • The primary driver for removing an anonymous option for the survey is to enable directly engagement and follow-up with people for the purpose of learning. Historically, the anonymous survey comments and inputs are the ones that inspire the greatest curiosity and desire for more information.

Got questions? Reach out to the Community Team. 

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