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Psychological Models In Scrum

August 12, 2015

Featuring Kate Terlecka

Learning, responsibility and power - the three psychological models very useful in a Scrum Master's daily work.

Scrum Masters, while working with teams, battle multiple problems and dysfunctions. Having three lines of responsibility - towards the Development Team, the Product Owner and the Organization - they tackle different problems in those areas, but they often originate at one point.

While working with those three beings, it's crucial to understand how humans acquire skills and how to tell if what one's doing is helping them or yanking them back. Let's also pay attention to what responsibility is and how to help install it in our neighborhood.

But all needs to be based on the proper form of power, otherwise it might turn against you. We'll also peek at a piece of human biochemistry to understand the biological processes happening in one's body when certain powers are being utilized.

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