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Real Engagement for Real Results - Improving Collaboration in Teams and Organizations

January 14, 2021

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Business Agility demands teamwork and organizational learning. Teamwork and organization learning hinges upon collaboration (Individuals and interactions over process and tools). In organizations, collaboration does not happen naturally, and today's leaders do not have the luxury to leave that to chance. Also, it is hard for people who want to be in collaborative relationships to sustain the relationship over time. Effective collaboration rests on people’s ability to be in a partnership – a relationship in which everyone feels responsible for the success of their common purpose. Unfortunately, the way most people try to do that creates interpersonal mush which, in turn, destroys partnership and collaboration. In this webinar, Ram Srinivasan and Dr. Gervase Bushe introduce a research-based, and time-tested model that explains how teams and leaders can build effective partnerships where people learn from each others' collective experience and collaborate better. You will be introduced to a tool called The Experience Cube which increases individual's self awareness, their ability to be an effective team player, and improve their partnerships at all levels of any organization.

Our Speakers

Ram Srinivasan, Professional Scrum Trainer

Ram Srinivasan is a Professional Scrum Trainer (from and Certified Scrum Trainer (from Scrum Alliance).  His mission is to help his clients build great organizations and he does this by focusing on people, process, and product development. Ram started as a developer and later moved to hold various roles including software architect, Project /Program Manager, and Agile Coach. He has coached, mentored, and consulted with teams to organizations of different sizes across many industries (finance, insurance, retail, banking, media, telecom, government, etc.). This depth and breadth of experience give Ram the ability to view clients' challenges from different perspectives and provide pragmatic solutions, making him a sought after Agile Coach. Beyond Agile and Scrum, Ram’s interests are in Emotional and Social Intelligence (for individuals, groups), Applied neuroscience for organizational and culture change, System Thinking, Complex Adaptive Systems, and understanding Human Systems in organizations. He is a frequent speaker at Agile meetups and conferences.  From time to time, Ram also runs free coaching circles and book clubs.Ram holds a Masters degree in Engineering from The University of Arizona and is currently based out Boston, MA. You can reach him at Ram at InnovAgility dot com

Dr. Gervase Bushe, Professor of Leadership and Organization Development at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

Gervase (pronounced Jervis) Bushe is the Professor of Leadership and Organization Development at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. Gervase’s career spans over four decades of transforming organizational structures, culture and processes away from command and control toward more collaborative work systems. He has authored of over 100 papers and many books on organizational change, leadership, teams and teamwork, and is internationally recognized for his work on Appreciative Inquiry, and Dialogic OD - a method that produces transformational change. His book Clear Leadership (2009) has been translated into seven languages.  And in 2019, the UK-based HR Magazine  ranked him as the12th most influential HR thinkers in the world. Gervase has consulted with blue chip corporations and startups, public sector, and business corporations, in a variety of sectors. He works with leaders who want to create great teams and organizations through partnership based theory of organizational design and leadership. One of his consulting projects, documented in The Change Champions Field Guide (2013), helped a Southern California healthcare company’s employee engagement scores go from the 61st to 91st percentile of all American hospitals in two years through. Gervase has won numerous awards including  the OD Network’s Larry Porter Award for Communicating OD Knowledge, and the prestigious Douglas McGregor award twice - once for his work on Group Development and Team Effectiveness, and the second time for his work on Dialogic Organizational Development.

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