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Rigorous, Independent Governance & the New Equation for Sustainable Competitive Advantage

March 28, 2018

Governance Teams in organizations adopting Agile often struggle to define Agile-compatible governance practices. Agile Governance can appear to be oxymoronic. A choice between a bad option - "Agile is a blank check. You'll get what you get when you get it." and an even worse option - "Iron Triangle governance for Agile Delivery." Things get worse when powerful executives demand status reports using metrics that Agile teams believe represent waterfall thinking. Often, such conversations can be polarizing, causing people with shared goals to dig into adversarial camps, struggling to communicate with each other. So how can we build bridges across these chasms and shift from polarizing to unifying interactions? 

In this webinar, Professional Scrum Trainer Ravi Verma proposes a rigorous, framework independent approach that constructively channelizes the valid desire for governance. He frames governance in terms of value that helps us unify organizations without getting sucked into polarizing conversations about delivery frameworks. He also frames governance as a powerful way to enable sustainable competitive advantage and provide a short, memorable equation that might help entire organizations align towards a shared goal. 

The ideas in this webinar have been applied in multiple organizations across diverse industries - real estate, sports and banking. In each case, there was CXO support, validating the hypothesis that this approach helps elevate the conversation to Executives.

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