Scaling Scrum with Nexus™

A Framework to Help Organizations Scale Scrum

What is Nexus?

The Nexus Framework is a foundation to plan, launch, scale and manage large product and software development initiatives. Nexus is for organizations to use when multiple Scrum Teams are working on one product as it allows the teams to unify as one larger unit, a Nexus. As an “exoskeleton,” a Nexus protects and strengthens the teams by creating connections between them and by maintaining bottom-up intelligence. The foundation of a Nexus is to encourage transparency and keep scaling as uniform as possible. 

The Nexus Guide

The Nexus GuideNexus is based on the Scrum Framework and uses an iterative and incremental approach to scaling software and product development. Nexus augments Scrum minimally with one new role and some expanded events and artifacts.  The Nexus Framework was created by Ken Schwaber, co-creator of the Scrum, and was released by, along with a body of knowledge, the Nexus Guide, in 2015. It preserves Scrum. As Ken describes it, “Nexus is the exoskeleton of Scrum.”

Forming A Nexus

Nexus FrameworkLike Scrum, it is easy to get started with Nexus, however, the Nexus Framework does first and foremost presume Scrum experience. Organizations that are already familiar with Scrum will be able to benefit from their existing Scrum knowledge. In addition to using Nexus, organizations should establish, promote, and steward technical excellence as a foundation for growth. To start a Nexus, organizations should first: 

  • Identify the teams in their Nexus 
  • Form an initial Nexus Integration Team
  • Have a single Product Backlog 
  • Have a definition of “Done” 
  • Identify a Sprint cadence 

Implementing Nexus

As with Scrum, Nexus alone isn’t enough for success, but it helps drive to the heart of the scaling issue – continually identifying and removing dependencies created by increased complexity.  You will also need several techniques to bind the work of the Scrum Teams in your Nexus and that is why we have developed and reformulated over 50 practices to help you launch and sustain a Nexus predictably.

Listen to Ken Schwaber and his thoughts on "What is Scaled Scrum?"



Learn more through our Scaled Professional Scrum workshops and take the free Nexus Open assessment and when you are ready, the Scaled Professional Scrum assessment for certification, where Nexus is the cornerstone.
















Nexus Datasheet



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