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The Scrum Artifacts

In archeology, an artifact is an object of cultural significance. In medicine, artifacts are something not normally present, or unexpected. In Scrum, our use of the word “artifact” is closer to the way software developers use it: important information needed during the development of a product. 

Scrum has three artifacts: 

  • Product Backlog
  • Sprint Backlog
  • Increment

Each artifact contains information important to a Scrum Team and their stakeholders.  This information details the product being developed, the actions needed to produce it and other information relevant to create value. 

Each artifact has a “commitment” which describes the goal for the artifact. Commitments provide clear objectives against which progress can be measured.

Artifacts and their commitments are designed to maximize transparency of this key information so that everyone inspecting them has the same understanding and a basis for adaptation.

The artifacts and their commitments are:

Artifact Commitment
Product Backlog Product Goal
Sprint Backlog Sprint Goal
Increment Definition of Done




Learning Series
The Product Backlog represents all of the work the Scrum Team knows it needs to do in order to deliver the product. Teams can use the Product Backlog to make decisions about what they should do next. Learn about the Product Backlog, Product Goal, Product Backlog items and Product Backlog refinement.
Learning Series
The Sprint Backlog represents what the Developers plan to accomplish during the Sprint. Learn about the Sprint Backlog, Sprint Goal, how to use Sprint Backlogs effectively and investigate common antipatterns with the Sprint Backlog.
Learning Series
The Increment is the latest version of the product that conforms to the Definition of Done. During each Sprint, the Developers work toward the current Product Goal by implementing Product Backlog items (PBIs) and integrating their individual work together. Learn about the Increment and its commitment, the Definition of Done. Investigate some common myths about the Increment.



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Learning Series
Learn about the three Scrum artifacts and their commitments: Product Backlog and Product Goal; Sprint Backlog and Sprint Goal; Increment and Definition of Done. Explore some common antipatterns and myths that surround these artifacts.