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Scrum for Distributed Teams: Overcoming the Myth that Scrum and Agile only work for Colocated Teams

September 17, 2020

Thursday September 17, 2020 12:00 PM EDT (14:00 UTC)

Distributed teams are not new, but our global pandemic has made them the norm. Atlassian University and team up in this webinar to explore the myth that agile and Scrum Teams need to be colocated and walk through real-world examples of how products get delivered from distributed teams.

Together, we:
- Dispel the myth that you cannot use Scrum for distributed teams.
- Learn best practices for working in a distributed manner.
- Explore what to avoid when employing Scrum with a distributed team.



"Eric Naiburg"

Eric Naiburg, Vice President of Marketing and Operations,
Previously, Eric held the role as program director at IBM and Rational Software where he was originally hired in 1999 by original Scrum Team member John  Scumniotales for who he worked for several years and worked closely with another original Scrum Team member Jeff McKenna sitting in the next desk.He is co-author of "UML for Database Design" and "UML for Mere Mortals."



    Mark Cruth, Enterprise Solutions Architect, Jira Align, Atlassian
Mark Cruth is an Enterprise Solutions Architect with Atlassian, working with organizations around the world to improve the connection between the
work being done and the goals being pursued with the help of Jira Align.



"Ben Thoma"    

    Ben Thoma, Program Manager, Atlassian University

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