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Scrum in India: A Panel Discussion on What Works and How to Improve

September 28, 2017

Scrum has been around for more than 21 years now, yet in many ways, it is still in its infancy. People continue to learn how to improve how they use Scrum and many are just getting started. In India that is no different. 

Adoption of Agile practices like Scrum comes with culture change and how you change the thinking of individuals can impact its success. In this session, Professional Scrum Trainers Sanjay Saini, Hiren Doshi and Nagesh Sharma discuss how they work with organizations and individuals to change thought processes to become more agile. They will look at real-world examples of how they have built successful Scrum Teams, driving agile thinking across the organization. 

Coming out of this webinar, you will learn how to better adopt Scrum by overcoming impediments that may occur, best practices for Scrum adoption, ways to work with remote team members and much more.

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