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Scrum with Kanban, the Unfinished Conversation

January 11, 2024
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While the long-standing debate over Kanban versus Scrum may have abated, the quest for clarity on when and how to utilize each approach remains a pertinent topic. Many organizations and individuals have found benefits over time of incorporating concepts from both Scrum and Kanban as they see fit for their needs. This also has been demonstrated in the Professional Scrum with Kanban training course, as these approaches prove they can work together.

 In this Scrum Pulse, Professional Scrum Trainer Louis-Philippe Carignan delves into the present landscape, offering his perspective on this evolving scenario. Drawing from his extensive experience, he not only sheds light on the nuanced relationship between Kanban and Scrum but also provides practical insights on their harmonious integration. Viewers can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of when and why they should consider adopting Scrum with Kanban, ensuring a tailored and effective approach to agile product delivery.

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