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Scrum Master Trends Survey Results Webinar

March 20, 2019

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The role of the Scrum Master has become increasingly popular and important in recent years. Recently, Glassdoor reported that Scrum Master is in their list of highest paying jobs for 2018, ranking at Number 20 with a median salary of $98,239. It has climbed two spots since 2017. With the growth of Agile and Scrum as a whole, this does not come as a surprise. and Age of Product recently released the 2019 Scrum Master Trends Report, based on a 2018 survey of over 2100 participants, with a focus on trends useful to both new and experienced Scrum Masters. In this webinar, Dave West, CEO & Product Owner, and Stefan Wolpers, Founder, Age of Product, explore the results including salary trends and agile adoption patterns, while also exploring gender equality within the Scrum Master role. They  provide insights on what the results of this survey may predict for the Scrum Master role moving forward. 

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