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Scrum with Value Streams - Can You Finally Get Rid of Waterfall Thinking?

April 24, 2018

Increasingly, DevOps is encouraging organizations to think holistically about the value streams of delivery. Make work visible and look to reduce waste. But agile and Scrum has taught us that complex problems require teams to self-organize, to 'scrum' to make progress. Does that mean that the value streams are continually changing? Does that mean that when you introduce value streams you remove the ability of the Scrum team to self-organize? 

In this talk, Dave West Product Owner and CEO of and Mik Kersten CEO of Tasktop discuss the challenges of introducing value streams to a Scrum world and how you can balance flexibility with the structure to enable better flow and deliver more value to customers. They discuss how to avoid Value-Waterfall-Stream to make sure your stream doesn't become a waterfall and provide a list of potential warning signs for when the process of value streams has become a way of re-introducing traditional waterfall thinking to your product delivery process.


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