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November 18, 2019

New Training Course Focuses on Mastering the Stances of the Product Owner

Boston, November 18, 2019 -, the Home of Scrum, today announced its new Professional Scrum Product Owner - Advanced (PSPO-A) training course. PSPO-A is an advanced course focused on helping Product Owners expand their ability to establish a solid vision, validate their hypotheses, and ultimately deliver more value to their stakeholders. The course is specifically designed for Product Owners and product managers who have at least one year of practical experience managing or owning a product. 

The Product Owner's role is multifaceted, requiring the practitioner to engage in behaviors and adopt mindsets beyond the core of Agility and the Scrum framework. The PSPO-A course goes beyond the topics explored in the Professional Scrum Product Owner™ (PSPO) course by placing more focus on how a Product Owner can deepen their understanding of the role through exploring the many stances they take to navigate everyday challenges. These stances are: 

  • Customer Representative
  • Visionary 
  • Experimenter
  • Influencer
  • Collaborator
  • Decision Maker

“The Product Owner is a difficult role as they try to balance the needs of the business with the reality of product delivery. They need to find the best ways to deliver value to the organization and stakeholders,” said Dave West, CEO and Product Owner, “Students will leave this class with an excellent set of techniques to improve how they deliver and express value inside and outside of the organization.”

The PSPO-A course is an interactive, experiential workshop where attendees explore topics covered through a series of exercises and discussions, which is why practical experience is recommended to gain the full benefits of participation. 

“The launch of this amazing course, professionalized for people involved in product management, is why we love our partnership with,” said Denny de Waard, Managing Director at Prowareness. “Combining our experience in coaching as well as training thousands of people on Product Ownership, has made this an excellent steppingstone for anyone who wants to improve their skills in Product Ownership. I was thrilled to see the excitement this new course brought to the beta-testers as well as the trainers themselves. Knowing how our trainers always go the extra mile for continuous improvements, makes me confident that this new course will be fantastic and an absolute must-have for anyone who strives for excellence in Product Ownership.”

Like all courses, the PSPO-A course is taught by licensed Professional Scrum Trainers™(PSTs) around the world, who bring their own style and experience to the courses, while leveraging common materials, allowing students to learn from real experiences in a consistent manner no matter which PST is teaching the course. 

Public PSPO-A classes are currently being listed on the website here with the number of locations increasing over the coming weeks and private classes for organizations are always available. The course includes a free attempt at the globally recognized Professional Scrum Product Owner™ II certification exam (PSPO II).  PSPO II is an advanced certification, and while the newly released PSPO-A course is recommended and will help the student gain advanced knowledge, the ability to pass the advanced level PSPO II assessment will depend on the student’s depth of experience with Product Ownership and Scrum.

For the course description and more information visit here. also announced today new levels for its PSPO assessment and certification products, and more information about those levels is available here.

Hear more from partners about the PSPO-A training course below:

“At Insight, we see the need for strong Product Ownership in order to enable agility and developing more valuable solutions,” said Chris Conlin, Agile Coach, Insight. “This class does a great job at giving Product Owners hands-on tools to accompany the essential mindset of effective Product Ownership.” 

“Product Ownership has many complex facets and stances. The PSPO-A course is key to helping them on their journey to becoming a true professional Product Owner,” said Dominik Maximini, Head of Agile Methods, Novatec Consulting GmbH. “We see this as an opportunity for seasoned Product Owners to really hone their skills and add new ones.”

“With the complexity of the Product Owner role we are excited to offer PSPO-A as an advanced course to fine tune Product Owner skills and attain new skills and techniques,” said Martin Landreville, President, Pyxis Technologies. “Continuing your learning as Product Owner is very important in this ever-evolving agile world, and PSPO-A is a great way to do so.”

“We are really looking forward to seeing Product Owners take their skills to the next level and deliver more value,” said Steef van den Berg, Business Unit Manager, Xebia Academy. “This course will help us to help Product Owners and product managers in our clients to gain a better understanding of how to use vision, value, and validation to create a competitive advantage.”


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