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ScrumPulse #19 - Special Spanish Edition: Role of a Scrum Master

November 30, 2016

Sin importar donde estés en tu transición a Scrum, el rol del Scrum Master se puede malinterpretar muy fácilmente. En este webinar, Joel Francia -Professional Scum Trainer- nos guiará en la exploración de algunas preguntas comunes acerca del rol del Scrum Master y como puede afrontar las diferentes expectativas que se tienen sobre él. Para reflejar la diversidad de nuestra comunidad, este será el primer de mucho Scrum Pulses ofrecidos en Español.

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What exactly is the role of a Scrum Master? Is a Scrum Master an Agile Project Manager, responsible for keeping the team on track and ensuring that projects are delivering on scope, schedule and budget? Or is the Scrum Master like an administrative assistant – scheduling Scrum Events and Activities and sending out meeting minutes? Should the Scrum Master act like a Technical Lead, helping the team make technical decisions and reviewing code? Or maybe (s)he should act as a proxy product owner, helping write requirements and acting as a liaison between the Dev Team and the Product Owner and Stakeholders.

No matter where you might be in your Scrum journey, the role of Scrum Master can be easily misinterpreted. In this session, Professional Scrum Trainer – Joel Francia takes us along a guided enquiry to explore some common questions about the role of a Scrum Master and how (s)he might balance the competing and often conflicting expectations placed on them. To reflect the diversity of our community, this will be the first of many Scrum Pulses offered in Spanish.

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