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SD Times news digest: Scrum Guide update, Aerospike adds expressions for NoSQL Database 5, and DataStax released K8ssandra

November 19, 2020 has announced updates to the Scrum Framework as it celebrates its 25th anniversary. Updates include simplified language, less prescriptive and emphasis on the Scrum team and its need to be self-managing. 

“Over the years, the Scrum Guide started getting a bit more prescriptive, yet our goal has always been to retain it as a framework and not a methodology. The 2020 version aims to bring Scrum back to its roots, being a minimally sufficient framework,” said Ken Schwaber, co-creator of the Scrum Framework. “We have also placed an emphasis on eliminating redundant and complex language and focusing on the Team which is required to build trust and uphold the Scrum Values.”

The changes also eliminate the concept of a separate team within a team, as previous versions had the development team within the Scrum team.