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See the Nexus Framework in Action

March 6, 2018

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Nexus is based on the Scrum framework and uses an iterative and incremental approach to scaling Scrum. Nexus augments Scrum minimally with one new role and some expanded events and artifacts. The Nexus framework was created by Ken Schwaber, the Nexus Guide, in 2015 and updated in 2018.

In this webinar, we provide an overview of Nexus, describe how it is being used around the world to help organizations scale their Agile efforts with Scrum. Our presenters then demonstrate how these real-world scenarios using Nexus can be applied within the VersionOne Lifecycle solution. 

Topics covered will include:

  • Description of the framework
  • The essence of scaling/how to scale successfully
  • How to handle cross-team dependencies
  • Cross-team refinement (official event in Nexus/not in Scrum)
  • Nexus Sprint Planning
  • Nexus Integration Team (new role in Nexus)
  • The notion of descaling


Patricia Kong is the Product Owner of the enterprise solutions program which includes the Nexus Framework, Evidence-Based Management, Scrum Studio and Scrum Development Kit. She also created and launched the Partners in Principle Program. Patricia is a people advocate and fascinated by organizational behaviors and misbehaviors. She emerged through the financial services industry and has led product development, product management, and marketing for several early stage companies in the US and Europe. At Forrester Research, Patricia worked with their largest clients focusing on business development and delivery engagements. Patricia lived in France and now lives in her hometown of Boston. Patricia is fluent in four languages.

Mark Des Biens is currently working as a Solutions Engineer and Implementation Consultant at CollabNet. Mark has more than 20 years of project experience and has worked with dozens of companies looking to improve their enterprise agility. He has been a Scrum Master and agile program manager and is one of the founding members of the Midwest Agile Community Meetup group. Mark has presented at PMI, Agile Alliance, Agile Day Chicago and Agile Meetups. 

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