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Software Ethics Panel Discussion

October 31, 2016

No matter what software delivery methodology or framework you might follow, your teams have probably faced pressure to deliver more features, for less money, with fewer team members and in less time. 

As your teams fight through this relentless pressure, you might find yourself grappling with ethical challenges. How can you reconcile competing demands from different stakeholders and thread the needle to do what is right by them all? How can your teams avoid making the wrong choice that could expose your users, customers and stakeholders to more risk and uncertainty than they can safely tolerate? In the face of this ever increasing uncertainty and complexity, is there a better way for software delivery teams to muddle through the ambiguity & choose the ethical way?

Watch our international panel of Professional Scrum Trainers, as they share ethical challenges they have seen software delivery teams face in the real world and learn about an interesting approach your teams might use to tackle these challenges.

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