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Standish Group - Wisdom Wednesday - Dave West on the Future of Work

December 7, 2021

Standish Group Wisdom Wednesday # 5 and CHAOS Tuesday Show # 126 is on the future of work. In this show, Dave West joins to explore what the future holds for knowledge workers with a global perspective. Dave is an experienced and highly skilled advocate of the agile process and scrum methods. As the CEO of, David has traveled through time and space using Zoom with his Scrum educational partners thought-out the world to gain a better understating of the future of work. David explains how changes using a generalist in the mainstream and specialists for a distinct activity are one of the keys to the future of work. Dave will focus on three elements he sees as the future of work. In this show you will take away:
• Generalist v. Specialist
• Changes in Culture
• Agile Everywhere
• The Human Element
• Motivation 

Note: Joining Dave are two panelists: Jim Crear, our CIO and Gene Sorbo, the CEO of Strong Tower Solutions, plus Jim Johnson as the host.

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